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Our Story

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My name is Tony Frye, I am an avid outdoorsman and have been fishing since I was 8. I am married to Katie, together we have a son, Everett. I have two older kiddos as well, Brooklyn and Marty. I have always loved trying new baits and decided to make my own. I had a dream of making it a business and Katie said go for it. Here we are 2 years later trying to master the art of a jig. I love tying new color combos to see what the fish will bite next!

When I first started playing around with it we had just moved into our new home and both had covid. The only thing to do was start tying! All I had then was a table in our kitchen, grew to the living room and now I have a workspace in the basement. The goal eventually will be to possibly have a store, time will tell.

For the past 2 years I have basically tied to order, now I am going to try and have some stock colors to choose from that are our best sellers. If you don’t see a color combo that you want then let me know I will custom tie for you. 

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"Frye Daddy Jigs made short work of a mess too throw on for Easter. Only kept eaters. Threw back anything of size and with eggs. Bucket Full!"

Shawn S.

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